Our Hair, like our skin, will deteriorate over time if not taken care of. Many people take their hair for granted until they start to lose them. Constant care for our hair will ensure we have thick, silky hair for a longer period of time.

Why Us

Our team of professional Stylist will be able to advise you base on what you need. Bonafides carry multiple brands to cater to different needs and budget. Come in for a free consultation on which hair style suits your facial shape the most!

Some of our clients had been with the same stylist for over 5 years and that speaks

Haircut Color

Be it that you are looking for safe or funky colors, Bonafides can create it for you. From Hidden rainbow colors to oil spill colors, our team is always in the forefront of the fashion trend.

Haircut + Wash

Cannot decide if long or short hair is more suitable for you? Let our professional stylist advise you on the best style!


Bonafides is the only company in Singapore to carry Demodex Treatment. Doing this helps prevet hair loss by going to the root of the problem. Read more about it here.


We carry Shiseido, Loreal, Mucota treatment for your hair, to repair it and ensure it is soft and silky when you leave our salon. For the health enthuistics, we also carry herbal treatment.

Other Services

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